To begin recording anytime during the conference enter*9. You will then be prompted to enter your subscriber pin, and each participant will then be required to acknowledge acceptance to continue participating by pressing the 1 key. To stop recording, press *9 again.

Your recordings are automatically converted to MP3 format and are playable on any computer or MP3 player. Within two hours of the conference's end time, you will receive an e-mail containing instructions and a link to the computer download, along with a telephone number and access code for telephone playback of your recording. At that point, your conference call recording is available for immediate telephone playback for up to 250 callers on a Toll call and 580 on a Toll Free call at the same time for up to 30 days.

Alternatively, simply download the MP3 file, once you have downloaded your recording, it is yours to use, edit, or share without any limitations.