Organizer Code - You can find your Organizer access code by going to your account Preferences and selecting "Show Organizer Code". Enter this code at the beginning of your call when prompted to enter your access code.

This action gives the organizer the ability to lock the conference, change the conference mode between conversation, Q&A, and presentation modes, choose entry and exit chimes, and hear the number of people on the call . You may have multiple organizers during a conference.

Access code - To join a conference as a participant, enter the assigned access code and follow the voice prompts. Participants can access basic conference controls such as the help menu, self-mute and one-on-one private chat during a conference.

Subscriber PIN - The subscriber pin is assigned to the account holder and activates the recording feature. Any time during the conference the host can enter *9 followed by the subscriber pin to begin recording the conference. You will also be prompted to enter your subscriber pin when using our Toll-Free 800 service.