This touch-tone guide is for use while on a conference call. Note that all touch tone commands can be activated either from the telephone keypad or from within the web-based moderator controls.

*1 - Enter one-on-one private chat
*2 - Get caller code for one-on-one private chat
*3 - Turn hold music on/off
*4 - Access help menu
*5 - Lock/unlock the conference†
*6 - Mute/unmute yourself
*7 - Toggles through conference modes: Conversation mode, Q&A mode, Presentation mode†
*8 - Enable/disable conference chimes†‡
*9 - Start/stop recording†
*0 - Exit conference
*# - Hear number of parties in conference†

†Only available to conference organizers. Recording is a separately-added premium feature.
‡ Chimes settings: Entry on/Exit on, Entry on/Exit off, Entry off/Exit on, Entry off/Exit off